Author: jaymz

  • 6+ months of NextDNS

    6+ months of NextDNS

    I’ve been really happy with this. I used to use a Pi-hole locally but after my board died as a stop gap I came across this and have ended up not replacing the Pi-Hole. I came across NextDNS via a post on HackerNews some time ago. Like all DNS blockers it’s pretty trivial to setup…

  • Windows 3.1 Clock

    Windows 3.1 Clock

    This has to be one of my favourite combinations of the digital and physical for a long time. Spotted on a RMC podcast video and quickly ordered thereafter from RetroFied. They also stock Acorn and Amiga workbench versions though I don’t have the nostalgia for them like I do this. £25 is a bargain. One…