Technical architect & lover of mathematics in London, UK

Hello, welcome to my small corner of the internet.
Online since 1995 šŸ˜µā€šŸ’«

What I’m doing

Theses days I can be found at CI&T, a NYSE listed digital consultancy founded in Brazil. When I’m not working the day job I’m either cooking, continuing with my MSc in mathematics or video games and chess.

Current interests

These days I tend to be doing one of three things…


If I’m not writing, I’m probably using Python to do something. I use this for everything and love that SageMath uses it. It’s a big factor in my day job and mathematics work.

Cellular Automata

At the moment I’m finishing my Open University MSc in Mathematics. My work this year involves a dissertation which is heavily focused on cellular automata and their relation to automatic sequences and finite fields as described in the paper “A characterization of p-automatic sequences as columns of linear cellular automata”.


These days I really love to cook as a way of breaking up my evening and doing something wildly different to work and maths. I recommend Food at 52 if you’re in London for some wonderful and fun classes.