Who am I?

Open source technical architect & developer with passion for python, Linux & command lines. Co-creator of the best Lego mosaic & instruction generator online, PhotoBrix. I've been working with web tech and Linux for more than 18 years, professionally for over twelve. In between development of all sorts I'm to be found studying for a second degree in Mathematics with the Open University. My twitter bio sums it up neatly:

Backend @Dad. Formerly tech stuff @REVL_world, @SomoGlobal, @udoxcreative, @nortel. Cocreator @photobrix; py, ops & nix. math @OpenUniversity ISE @ImperialCollege

I've lived in London for over 16 years but am originally from Newry in Northern Ireland. I used to have brown hair and a long beard but decided it was time for a change after a very long 2016 😂. The necklace is a Möbius strip.

Need more detail? Grab my (rather out of date) CV or connect on Linkedin. I'm not on Facebook aside from a "ghost" profile I use to sign into sites that require it and I don't do Instagram.

If you're brave, you can follow me on Twitter