Over a year ago Nina got me a Coopers homebrew kit for my birthday. It took me forever to actually get round to it, partly on the assumption I would cock it up and it would be a waste but having since completed 3 brews now I really like it and am pleasantly surprised by the results. When the kit itself came it had a "English Bitter" included. My first few days had me thinking the whole thing had gone »

Graphviz dotfiles to PNG via Make

I document most things using Graphviz and repeatedly recreating the image files becomes a PITA not long after you've started. Since I've a makefile lying around from Sphinx and since I'm creating said diagrams for the sphinx documentation, addding a task there would make sense. As with anything involving make, the syntax is a bit obtuse: DOT = $(wildcard *.dot) PNG = $(patsubst %.dot,_static/images/%.png,$(DOT)) _static/images/%.png: %.dot @echo "Converting $<" @dot -Tpng $< > $@ dotfiles: $(PNG) Now »

Lost Office files recovery on OS X

I (used to) work somewhere where Office is used extensively. ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Office 2011 AutoRecovery/ Within this folder you'll find any Office documents that have been auto saved. Occasionally you might get away with finding an auto recover version in there. Weirdly I tend to find these more reliably open up within Open Office. »

Playing with Sightly outside of AEM

Having owned what used to be called Day CQ for some time Adobe have fully rebranded and launched the platform as Adobe experience manager in the 6.0 release. This sees quite a number of core changes and one of the biggest ones for those dealing with the styling and day to day use of the platform is the templating engine Sightly. In a sign of the times Adobe have donated this to the Apache Sling project too. Adobe provide »

Ghost updates on Webfaction

Upgrading ghost in place on webfaction is fairly painless. If you have any problems its easiest to debug by using node in bin directly to launch the ghost index.hbs file, this wat you can see the errors there and then. #!/bin/bash zip -r9 ghost.backup.zip ~/webapps/ghost/ghost; wget -O ghost.latest.zip $( curl -s https://api.github.com/repos/TryGhost/Ghost/releases | \ grep browser_download_url | head -1 | cut -d'"' -f4 ); unzip ghost.latest.zip »