Open source technical architect & developer with passion for python, Linux & command lines. Co-creator of the best Lego mosaic & instruction generator online, PhotoBrix. I've been working with web tech and Linux for more than 15 years, professionally for over ten. In between development of all sorts I'm to be found studying for a second degree in Mathematics with the Open University.

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Twitter bot with Django for marketing

So having recently put live Photobrix, we didn't want to spend a great deal of time marketting it - mainly because that takes a lot of time to really do properly. With lots of social code lying around I tied together the Photobrix CLI tool with twitter and made a…

Beacon manager PoC

During a recent Somo hack day I was busy preparing for meetings so didn't get to dive into a particular team. Still, I didn't want to let the whole day go without doing something so being still rather backend/web focused I decided to create a little iBeacon "management" application…

Photobrix launched

After almost two years of extremely on again off again work I'm very happy to finally say Photobrix has launched! …