YouTrack & Hub authentication

We've recently started using YouTrack at REVL - it's a pretty nice JIRA-like issue tracking system from JetBrains - the people that brought you PyCharm. As with many of these things it's not without it's quirks, and one in particular is likely to drive you crazy - recreating a Hub login for a given user (Hub is the general "traditional" authentication mechanism as opposed to say Google Apps or Github OAuth).

Some background:

  1. I created a new user
  2. They had some isssues finding their login email and long story short needed resetting
  3. Within the user admin I found the relevant user, scrolled down to the Login section and then clicked ✕ to remove it entirely
  4. At this point I got stuck trying to recreate it

A bit of googling, half an hour of reading through their docs and I was none the wiser. I didn't think it would be impossible to recreate but it is. Forum post 1874 explains it with an offical message from a YouTrack engineer. Basically once you delete a hub login you can never recreate it. Like the guy who posted there I see absolutely no sense or logic behind this but given it's been like that for over a year and more than 6 releses this is probably here to stay. I have to imagine this is yet another case of "UX by an engineer, not a user".

Thankfully there is a solution of sorts:

  1. Rename the broke account username to something else
  2. Create a new user account with the login you want to use
  3. Go to the user admin and tick on both of the accounts
  4. Now click the merge arrow (next to ban)
  5. You will end up with a single account with the relevant user name and most importantly, a valid Hub login