Playing with Sightly outside of AEM

Having owned what used to be called Day CQ for some time Adobe have fully rebranded and launched the platform as Adobe experience manager in the 6.0 release. This sees quite a number of core changes and one of the biggest ones for those dealing with the styling and day to day use of the platform is the templating engine Sightly. In a sign of the times Adobe have donated this to the Apache Sling project too. Adobe provide a few Github repositories for showing a component and a REPL console but you'll need a running copy of AEM »

Beacon manager PoC

During a recent Somo hack day I was busy preparing for meetings so didn't get to dive into a particular team. Still, I didn't want to let the whole day go without doing something so being still rather backend/web focused I decided to create a little iBeacon "management" application using a combination of NodeJS for the scanner and Django for the upstream backend. Imaginge you are doing a rollout of beacons to a several stores, for some sort of promotion I imagine. Since the beacons have embedded batteries they're going to eventually die (battery life has greatly improved so »