Over a year ago Nina got me a Coopers homebrew kit for my birthday. It took me forever to actually get round to it, partly on the assumption I would cock it up and it would be a waste but having since completed 3 brews now I really like it and am pleasantly surprised by the results.

When the kit itself came it had a "English Bitter" included. My first few days had me thinking the whole thing had gone off but after being reassured by a friend (and Nina telling me to just leave it) the end result after bottling up and letting it sit for a week was pretty good - I've been quite lucky with all my brews to have decent carbonation at the end. I'm using pre-measured sugar drops at the rate of ~1.5 to a 500ml bottle.

My current (as of the 12th of July) brew is a little more adventureous (beyond simple 1 or 2 can kits). This is a wheat beer that I've used light spray malt and sugar with. The yeast is WB-06 which is a speciality one that's meant to provide an authentic wheat beer taste.