Integrating ooyala in django (or just python)

by jaymz on 14/07/2010

Ooyala is a feature rich video hosting platform. Something I needed recently was some way to link the data over at ooyala into a django site I’m building. So I wrote myself a library. It’s available over at github and it’s called (predictably) django-ooyala. Currently there is a management command syncooyala to pull in all the data using the Backlot Query API. These imported items are then linked to a specific URL. Finally in your templates there is a ooyala_video tag which when given the current path (via request.path) returns the <script> tags needed for it to render.

Expect some updates as I flesh it out into the front end over the next few days.

Updated (11th August): I have added in analytics support. You can now make requests for video stat’s for a given account or video. The facebook SDK has also been added with a new template tag to output the headers in your template for a given video. Remember to request whitelisting from facebook for SWF embeds to work.

from django.http import HttpResponse
from ooyala.library import OoyalaAnalytics
from ooyala.constants import OoyalaConstants as O
from ooyala.models import OoyalaItem
def backlot_query(request):
    req = OoyalaAnalytics(video=OoyalaItem.objects.all()[0].embed_code, \
    ooyala_response = req.process()
    return HttpResponse(ooyala_response.toprettyxml(), mimetype="text/xml")

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