Google Blogger to Django integration

by jaymz on 30/06/2010

I’ve been working a lot on Vans recently and they have a large number of blogs that are currently hosted on the blogger platform. This works really well for them, they have a straightforward & easy to use blog platform that does what they need it to do.  The sites themselves work great as they are but the integration into the main site isn’t quite as nice.

If you go to the blogs section on vans as it stands it will pull in an XML feed of all the current blogs and display them on one giagantic page. It can take a fair bit of time to load and its hard to see how each different blog gets displayed as its really one big list. For now it’s not so easy to pull in bits of content from the various blogs without someone having to mess with files or copy & paste, with the build in django I wanted to create a much cleaner & easier way to work with this content.

For this I introduce django-blogger, a django application which will integrate Google Blogger blogs via their RSS feeds. As it is it will import the blogs for a given profile id and then sync up with the latest data via their RSS feeds. These can be enabled easily for your given blogs. When you first install it comes with some admin actions which will all ow you to sync up the blogs manually all at once. There is also a management command, syncblogs, which is more suited to scheduling an update via cron (if you’re going to use cron you might be interested in django-crontab).

This works on the feeds and not an archive, so it doesn’t require authentication, just access to the feed URL. A basic template is included to show how to render out the blog posts & blogs as a menu, I override these myself for the format I need. The app itself now lets me pull content from any of the blogs and use it within the rest of the django based site cleanly & easily. Rather than directly reading and displaying via the feed URL I’m creating actual objects for each post and blog so it’s easily extendible also, say to return posts in various formats or pulling images from each blog post to create blog galleries automatically.

The code is available from GitHub.

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