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At Somo we recently moved from our offices in Old Street, right next to "Silicon Roundabout" to the slightly more traditional Victoria into Portland House.

View from my desk

Whilst my commute has basically doubled there are a few benefits to it I'm slowly warming to:

  • instead of having just 10 minutes per leg of my journey I now get a solid 25 minutes or so on the district line to read. I've found myself blitzing through books on Kindle and enjoying it a lot more.
  • Victoria itself has become a lot better in terms of having things around. There's a Marks and Spencer right outside the building and it's such a step up from Tesco or Sainsburys when it comes to buying a lunch on the day.

    Second only to Waitrose!

  • When I first moved to London (back in 2001), I spent quite a lot of time around the Westminster area that first year - mainly on account of it being the defacto touristry 'this is London' feel to it with the Houses of Parliment and Trafalgar Square nearby. It's been quite nice being so close again. I can also see my old alma matter, Imperial College, from my desk (though I expect the massive building works across the road to eventually block my view).


That said there are a few negatives so far:

  • Thanks to Crossrail Victoria is undergoeing a massive redevelopment of the station and surrounding area. This equates to a monumentous pain in the ass getting to and fro the station each day through the commuter zombie horde.
  • As much as I hate the "Shoreditch hipster" scene, Old Street & Hoxton where home to MEAT Mission and the Barley Mow. Many a happy evening was spent bitching and moaning at the 'Mow to then stagger up towards the back of Hoxton Square for Currywurst or a Dead Hippie burger (I should also point out I spent the best part of 4 years around there whilst at U-DOX).